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Theatre Of Pain

Good Morning Saturday.

I was in a horrific accident on Thursday Afternoon. Aprox. 3:19p.m.

My Vechile, everything I’ve done, gave, borrowed, is gone.


I took 8 Stiches.

I look like


And, was anybody there?


On Social Media, Yes due to the gory photo I posted.

In Real Life?

The only person who sat with me, listened, saw me in a bad mental and physical state, drove me home and then drove me the day after to retrieve my poor, lost car, is someone at my Job.

My own Mother still hasn’t called to see if I’m okay.

She did however scream to me “You’re never messaging me while I’m at work again.” (EVERYONE in my E.R Room heard that. I was embarrassed and deeply sad).

I did return to Work/Educate Yesterday.

A 5 Hour Day (which seemed longer than that just due to the injuries I sustained).

After I clocked out, I had to run a necessary errand, and now everything takes more time because I only have 1 feasible working door.

So, what seemed forever, I noticed it was past/passed 7:30 to be exact 7:33p.m.

I couldn’t sit there, still recalling it all.

PTSD from all the Blood pouring from me.

So, I left.

I wanted to run.

But, I ended up at my Local Spot hoping to talk to the girl I befriended there.

Unfortunately, it was unusually busy for that time of evening, so it was just mini conversations in-between guests. *(I was in the Culinary/Restaurant Business for 7 years, so I understand and know the game. (I Worked at 5 Restaurants/Bar as a Cook, Hostess, and Server. And Attended a Culinary Arts Program at a Vocational Institute my Senior Year of Highschool and proceeded on to Culinary Arts School then Changing my Majors and Colleges).

I stayed until after hours, speaking with her Husband and got to meet their Daughter and I departed around 11:00p.m *(Or later).

I arrived at 11:30 and right away got comfortable and finished watching The Dirt. A Special On Netflix based on a Book by Motley Crüe.

It was laughable at most.

But, musically, terrific.

I’m probably one of the few Women who listens to the Records and not wanting a Band Member. *(I will agree, when Nikki Sixx was young/in his prime, he was good looking, or as I would say, Fine).

After the Flick, I finished an Episode of NYPD Blue. *(I’m on Season Three).

I crashed hard on my (late) Grandfather’s couch for a few then decided I wanted to dream in bed, hoping when I awoke, it was just all a bad dream.

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