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Suicide Diaries Chapter 1

I’m used to feeling alone

I know what that’s like

But, now I find out there’s this whole new level.

Why do people have to Die?

To make life important. S1E13 SFU

Profound on a level most of the World could not grasp.

Unless your a Suicide Survivor or Death Survivor.

If my First Suicide Attempt was complete, I would have been 17.

There’s a major difference in giving in and actually wanting it, The End that is.

In through the Out Door.

Now, 5 Attempts Later in 20 Years, this Profound dialogue speaks to me in a way that I never could imagine.

If I died at 17, how would that make life important?

Forever immortalized young?



There would have been no important aspect to any of it.

People move on, forget.

That’s what is truth.

Now, fast forward to my last attempt which was 29 Days ago.

Nothing Important.

I even told my Mother two Weeks after *(I did sustain injuries) and she didn’t want to talk about it.

I brought it up yesterday morning to talk about it.

Her response:

I’m done for today.”


Not even to my own Mother.

So, no, the message is inaccurate.

There is nothing important unless you are important.

I am not.

And that had been made crystal clear by my Mother, Friends, Former Boss(es), and my Landlord.

All in 48 Hours.

So, Thank You.

Thank You for making it easier to complete my journey of Suicide.

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