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One Year Ago

Month Twelve.

A Year Has Past/Passed Since I Re-located Here.

Only 4 Months Were Filled With Excitement, Content. Job. Career. My Cat Still Alive. Future Dreams.

Eight Months Later,

Everything is gone. Vanished. Depleted.

I lie in bed this overly hot Sunday Morning in extreme pain.

I was in the Emergency Room on Friday for 6 and a half hours. *(My Doc. sent me there while I was in his Office for a Same-Day Appt.).

Ulcerative Colitis. Another Episode.

It’s actually been awhile.

I’ve been consumed with

Severe Sinus Infections since mid-March, I haven’t had any stomach issues *(Other than Stress).

The last time my UC was this bad was in November 2017.

I remember it well.

There have been mini episodes since, but it only last a day *(A few single days out of a month).

This current Episode began this past Thursday.

Like a storm, it rolled through on Friday knocking me out and down.

I tried to Work. Made it only 2 Hours. *(Something I’m nervous about. My Boss did not seem happy with me and I missed a Full Day of Work the Wednesday before due to Sinuses *(I should have just pushed myself to go then this past Friday, I could have stayed and rested).

I cannot afford to lose this Job.

Financially nor mentally.

The UC Pain is so overwhelming, I cannot even lie down in comfort.

And yes, I’m Alone.

I was in hope this current Episode would subside some, so I could at least relax this Sunday morning and complete all my house chores instead of running to the bathroom or worse.

I don’t have much else to say.

The pain has stripped me and taken my energy away.

Eight Months Alone Has Really Taken Its Toll.

Loneliness is not a virtue.

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