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Lunar Sunday

Much of the pain and suffering in our lives comes from holding onto things too long and too tightly.
The skill of learning to let go and to release and relax into the flow of life is a recipe for greater peace and happiness.” L.

This concept is something I struggle with not just as a Buddhist, but in life, this universe.

My regular Therapy Session yesterday needed an extra 30 minutes due to this exact concept.

As I lie here, Sunday late afternoon, missing my Mother’s Birthday, I reflect on many people in my life.

Things I don’t understand, can’t let go, want answers.

My life default.

Here I am, alone, no one to talk to, sunk in from a super Sinus Infection, chores complete, and just wanting some peace. My mind to stop circling the past as if somehow the circles will rewind time and I can change things or make it stand still.


Moving too fast now.

I want do-overs, repeats, days of the past to return.

My eyes are heavy from lack of dreams and the Infection.

I look at the blank aging walls, two windows covered with blinds, I can see my Enclosed Porch. The sun still beaming in, reminding me another Weekend has past and I did it alone again.


Is there no longer anybody out there?

The irony of this manipulated Album Cover. How the prism breaks, shatters because “a matter of fact, it’s all dark.” Pink Floyd

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