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Sunday Delight

Good Morning Sunday.

Up At 2:00ish, then 3, 5, then 8:a of am.

Decided to change into my Sunday gear *(Black shorts with Glitter Gold Stripes, Shades Of Blue Almost Purple And White Plaid Pajamas [it’s from a set], Wife Beater, and an AC/DC Crop Top).

Got Laundry Going *(Two More Loads Today), Then Dishwasher Later.

Everything else is spotless.


My Parents came downbound for a Visit yesterday.

So, I set my alarm for 6:00a.m, but like clock work always, I awoke before the wind chimes could sing.

5:45a.m to be exact.

I bounced out of bed, and with no Coffee or Meds., I began to Mop.

The Kitchen, Twice

The Cats Room *(It’s meant to be a Diningroom, Three Times.

Took A Break.


Coffee ×2


Fixed up things here and there.

Got Trash and Recycle ready to haul out until a massive Thunderstorm came through.

It was only 8:30a.m.

Decided what to wear and Make-Up (Changed it up a bit), and then tackled emails and listened to a few Guided Meditation Series.

I had my regular Therapy Session at Noon, but at Eleven, I decided to do my Make-Up, so I would be ready for when my Parents arrived.

It has only been their 4th Visit together *(with the exception of Move-In Day, that would be 5).

1. August 26, 2017

2. December 30, 2017

3. April 7, 2018


4. July 14, 2018.

This Visit was great.

They got to Meet their new Grand-Furson, Zeta.

They miss their other Jackson *(He loves them).

And we had an adventurous day out and a nice, but short visit after.

They arrived a little after 1:00p.m and were on the road a little after 6:00p.m.

Most of the Visit was spent out.

They ate Lunch, then we ran two errands together.

I could tell my Parents (My Mother especially) was happy with the cleanliness of my Rented House.

Their last Visit, the Rented House was a wreck. *(I had just re-started my Former Job, was super sick and Leonardo had just passed 16 Days prior to their last Visit. And his Ashes were not really his Ashes their last Visit).

I was not feeling 100% yesterday.

Sinuses and Dysautonomia, but I gave my all.

The time I enjoyed the most/heartfelt was when we all sat on my Enclosed Porch with both Cats.

They could see how both my Cats enjoy their time playing, watching, relaxing.

And my Life.


All I do, am now.

I Teach M-F, Driving Roughly 410 Miles M-F, Then Saturday, Chores and my Saturday Evening Film Routine. And Sunday, Relax and Chores if I didn’t complete any from Saturday.

No one to talk to.

My Mother said something to me during our first Errand “You Lost More Weight Since Last Time We Saw You.” *(Late May, when I took the Train).
So, my Parents purchased (for Me) Chicken*(To Cook), GF Pizza, And Doritos at our second/last Errand together.

I take it as a compliment since she is behind my 12 Year Battle (then recovery) with Anorexia-Nervosa.

I know I have. *(Weight that is).

But, look at the circumstances.

Not just these past eight months, but just the past two months.

Too much happening/occurring in my life.

And as of right now, 9:13 ante meridian, I have the least amount of Finances since I was 25.

But, her comment made me happy. It’s uncommon to hear nice things about myself in entirety from my Parents.

And, I’m at a point in my life, I’ll take what I get, even in its rare form.

My Sunday Morning was interuppted of things I will not speak of.

Now, I will return to Guided Meditation, preparing for a busy week, and maybe a Sunday Treat.

Oh yes, let’s not forget, Laundry.

Being Alone Has Taught Me:

Love, Is A Commercial Emotion.
There Is No Forever Love, Commitment. Human Beings Are Not Wired For The Capacity To Love Eternally.
It’s All Fashion, A Thirty-Second Spot On Your Television.

“I know when to go out
and when to stay in.
Get things done.” David Bowie

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