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Sunrise Sunsets

Good Morning Saturday. How you let me in dreams until 8:32 ante meridian!

Two hours have past/passed.

A little Laundry, Cleaning Up after the Cats, and kitchen.

A quick Guided Meditation and my newest Cat sleeping on top of me.

George Michael on the speakers, and me, on fire.

I have my Regular Therapy Session at 12p.m., and I am not really wanting to talk much.

My body hurts and when my physical is in this much hurt, I’m disconnected mentally from what I need to fix.

I am invited to my first

MC Party today.

I was going to find something very cheap to wear, but had no time this week *(On my Lunch Break).

I really want to attend.

But, it’s an hour drive, I’ve spent $150.00 on Gas Alone these past two weeks with my last Check being on the 15th. *(Eleven hours short due to being Terminated).

I’m exhausted from Driving, I don’t have the proper attire, and Finances.

Yet, I find myself wanting to go.

I missed my Therapy Session due to falling into a strange sleep.

I awoke a few hours later, exhausted.


I thought about running an errand or two, but the heat was killer and I just wanted to sleep *(I didn’t know why).

So, I just listened to the new Nine Inch Nails Album, then later, Unknown Pleasures and Substance, a Collection of Joy Division’s Music “1977-1980.”

I was preparing mentally for my Saturday Night Plans, hoping to see my neighbor before she moves. *(Nope).

I must be a wretched person.

I asked a Co-Worker to hang, but she’s too busy.

Even my Parents forgot about coming down this Saturday *(Next Saturday they can’t. Too busy).

So, alone.

The Usual aspect of my sunset that turns quickly to a melancholy darkness.

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