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Shades Of A Beginning From An Ending

I was Terminated from my Job on Thursday, June 7, 2018.

Reason Being:


Not Poor Performance as a Teacher, Coming In Late, Not Following Curriculum, Taking Too Much Time Off



It was the same attack in early April she pulled, then that weekend messaged me to meet me for coffee so we can talk in a better fashion.

This time, she lied to my Face (as in April), but about an incident that occurred in April and that the Hearsay is continuing.

This is the Hearsay:

“Staff Members are complaining that you think you’re better than everyone, you complain about Hours, you say you are only in this Classroom, it’s either your way or no way.”

100% ABSOLUTELY FALSE. *It stems from jealousy among the other Teachers *(I have more experience, they are probably aware I made more money (which was not a lot), and I am dedicated to my Career and don’t participate in clicks, hurting people by discussing private issues/situations behind one’s back.) *That was the atmosphere there from the day I started.

First, in my Twelve Year Career, I’ve never been Terminated, and Personally AND Professionally do not speak like that.

I’m actually 100% the opposite. *(A quiet, Depressed Person, who checks everything at the door and is very Social and most importantly, a hard worker/Educator).

Obvisiouly, I’m devastated for many many reasons.

1. No truth to the matter

2. Loss of Job= Loss of Income

3. My last Paycheck comes in June 15. After that,


However, I had an Interview yesterday morning, which led me to returning this up-coming Tuesday to begin filling out Necessary Paper-Work and meeting the Pastor *(It’s a Private School. I’ve taught at a Private School before, So I’m comfortable).

But, the Job is 41 Miles away.

With my Dysautonomia, it’s impossible.

It was impossible doing the Job I was doing, on my Feet for 8 Hours Teaching Children, each day waking up at 5:00 I could feel it becoming a little more difficult. My body, so tired, beat-up. But, I kept going. Being the best Educator I could be.

Now, It’s the same type of Job, but driving farther.

What am I to do?

I have to.

I have no other option *(My Parents have made it clear, moving back to their house is more than an inconvenience, but a Burden).

So, I will return on Tuesday, and secure when I can start Teaching, so I can pay Rent for July.

If I die in the process, at least I tried.

*How much more can I take anyway after these last seven months.

There’s literally nothing left to take.

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