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In Residential Pieces

Month 10.

I usually write in ante meridiem, but today my body is consumed with so much pain and my mind flooding with anxiety.

My Disability has been on fire for days now, and I cannot relax when it’s in this much overdrive.

I completed a few chores. The usual. Laundry and the Dishwasher is going.

And I wrote Week 2 Curriculum for my Work.

Then My body just gave out/in.

I tried calling my Mother for support, but the usual yelling and dismantling me was all I could get.

I tried to eat as well.

I’ll pay the price tomorrow morning.

post meridiem still daylight

My Meds. are sweeping in

Sleep to dream when nightmares are being.

You have no idea what it’s like to be disabled.
To wake up, and your life is gone.
You are never to return.
You look at old photographs and are haunted by what was
You are alone
Drowning in a sea of rage not just from the physical but from the emotional and spiritual pain people put you through
No matter what you’ll never be whole again.

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