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The Friend Ship


For most, a day of relaxation, worship, Family.


For me, reflection of another Weekend spent alone. Literally.

I opened my eyes and thought it was Saturday. I was happy. I thought I had more time to rest.

My newer work Schedule gives Sundays a Weekday feeling.

I have to be in bed at least by 8p.m*(I’ve fallen asleep earlier).

Yesterday felt like another work-day due to waking up at 4:58a.m, then not really catching anymore dreams, I decided to stay busy, Writing, getting ready for my Day of errands then a lot of cleaning. *I almost collapsed vacuuming.

When my body couldn’t take anymore,

The Clock read 8p.m, so I decided to rest and chat via text with someone new.

He actually asked me to go out, but I was so beat I couldn’t lift my arms let alone get ready for a night on the town.

So, we spent a little over 2.5 hours messaging *(breaks in-between) then I went off to my usual Saturday Night Routine,

Film and Bed.

I watched the Film The Big Chill and then an episode of my go to T.V Show.

I wasn’t feeling the best, so I was dragging during the Film.

The Big Chill is my Second favorite film of all time. And, I still find something new in the Film or a different perspective on Characters/Dialogue. *(I did again this viewing).

I used to really enjoy watching my Films and Movies.

Then my (used) DVD Player went out 6 Months ago, so I had to start re-purchasing my Films and Movies on either my Cable Provider or Amazon *(When I had the Finances to).

Obvisiouly, I only re-purchased a hand-full, and that is my Saturday Night.

But, now it’s the only thing I do, and it has become uneventful, depressing.

What to do when no one wants to be a Friend?

“Still Coe thought, maybe it was living in the country that was making [her] cry. It was killing [her] with its silence and loneliness.” MM S5E5

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