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Illumination 29

Full-Moon Sunday.

If I did not have to rise at 4:30a.m, I would enjoy the view on my front porch with my Cats and a cold bottle.

Another Weekend past/passed.

Both Saturday and Sunday were me knocked down, bed-ridden.

Today, able to get some Laundry and Dishes completed.

Preparing for the up-coming week.

I think this is universal.


A day not for rest, but routines and check-points, so when we rise on Monday, we feel secure, ready.

Seems the Full-Moon has me all over today:

In Dreams, sickness, and messaging an old friend.

As the day continues on, I find myself re-starting my Antibiotic *(I stopped 5 Days ago due to the Side Effects. It was disrupting my being).

But, I need to beat this Infection. It’s been continuous since March 16.

I had 5 doses down before I had to stop, so hopefully what I have left will beat the infection.

If not, return to the Doctor again.

Sunset is in 47 minutes.

It’s strange when you have to find slumber in daylight.

But, I don’t mind my new Schedule.

I’ve Taught earlier then that *(Online) and as an Adjunct, I taught A.M Classes.

Once, I taught from 12:00a.m-7:50a.m

That was brutal.

That didn’t last very long. *(My body was not ready for it).

Return to


Nothing too unusual occurred (most Full-Moons bring so much energy or chaos to me).

Hopefully, my Dreams will be peaceful and I will wake with energy and well-being.

Happy Full-Moon.

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