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Rainbow Bridge

March 23, 2018.

My Furson Leonardo Foltok Passed Away Suddenly.

I Woke To My Other Cat (Jackson) Pouncing On Him.
I Was Half Asleep, Just Thought They Were Fighting.
Then (Jackson) Wouldn’t Stop.
I Rolled Over, And Leonardo Was Lying On The Floor Next To The Bed.
I Picked Him Up.
He Was Warm, But, Not Moving.
I Rushed Him To The Only Emergency Animal Clinic, And They Told Me, He Must Have Just Passed. *(I was woken up at 5:30a.m).

He Was Only 4.5 Years Old.
So, They Called It An Acute Death.
But, They Don’t Know Why He Died, So I Sent Him To U of I For A Necropsy.
*(It’s the only location that does it within the area).
It Will Take A Week For Results.
I Have To Know Why He Passed Away.

*The Second Clinic I Took Him To *(where he will be picked up)
Did A Paw Print And A Little Kitty Glass Vile Of His Fur.
Free Of Charge.
*I got to hold him in the towel they had at the Emergency Clinic For Almost 35 Minutes.

I Don’t Know How I Will Be Without Him. I feel more alone than ever.
He Was My Shadow, My Soul.
The Only Pet To Chose Me.
He Was Literally With Me 24/7 Since We Moved Here.

Leonardo, Why Did You Leave?
I Love You Forever.
My Little Boy.

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