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The Friendship Book


A Noun but an Adverb that is attached/labeled to my Blog.

Middle of the Week, sometimes no where.

Sometimes, in pieces.

8:23 ante meridiem

I am so sick, I cannot find myself.

After 2.5 hours of routines and I Rescheduled my Follow-Up for tomorrow morning *(No way I could drive).

Clean up a disastrous kitchen, memory is returning.

Then as the moon aligns, I message a friend who has been a part of me for twenty-three years. *(Technically 24, but we were not friends yet).

Her and I have been trying to find time to catch-up via telephone. *(I haven’t seen her in the flesh since 2003).

Today, was the day.

We spoke for 1 Hour 5 Minutes Facebook Call Then 2 Hours 34 Minutes Mobile Talk.

It has been about 4 years since we talked that long voice to voice.

I was stoked to hear her.

First, her accent heavier then when she lived in Chicago, but an accent I’m familiar with.

But, it was her.

The same girl I saw in 1994 wearing a blue dress with a flower print and white dress flats *(I knew by her attire, she was not from Chicago).

She had long beautiful brown hair and big brown eyes with this contagious smile *(that her daughter now has).

I was sitting kitty corner at another lunch table, and I heard her spoke.

I thought My God, she sounds like my Father.

Sure enough, that accent I would come to know is the same accent my Father (still) has.

I will never forget the first day I saw her.

Sophomore year began, and we became friends. School Mates.

But, by Junior Year, she was my Best Friend. *(More to that chapter, but that’s between us).

She moved away after we Graduated from High School.

I was sad. Sad in many forms. I knew she was moving back to her home-state, but I was hoping for more time.

More time to discuss actions, situations that occurred in High School, to be together at our usual spots *(She had this great classic Red Bronco), more parties, alone, just us two talking.

We did have a final get-together before she left.

It was four of us at a Campground.

I want to say it’s Blackwell, but for some reason I thought it was Blackburn.

It was an infamous place to hang out in the 1990’s.

So, the four of us (Her, myself, a guy from HS she was seeing, and another a year ahead of us. Kind of like a “Double Date.”

We had fun.

But, inside, my spirit wanted the present to remain, her not to go.

After she left, we became

Pen Pals. *(Pre-Internet Days).

I though it was a fantastic idea.

I loved writing her letters, sending pictures, receiving the same. Sometimes Mix C.D.s or drawings.

Her envelopes were this magnificent fuchsia, so I always knew when distant moments with her had arrived *(I still have every single letter she has ever written me. Going back to Junior Year of High School).

I was always eager to see what was inside, where she was at in life.

We kept corresponding through letters for over a year.

Then, I moved away (again), then as my future had begun I was off to University (again).

We always managed to maintain our Friendship no matter the dislocate of lives being lived or becoming adults and ever changing circumstances.

Today, was an example of how two people can continue a Friendship *(without physically seeing eachother in almost fifteen years), but are able to find the space that we shared and catch-up with.

I don’t miss many people in my life.

But, she is one of them.

And I hold on to that, and know no matter how sick I become or where her journey takes her, that Friendship is permanent.

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