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Aging Antidote


100MG Every 12 Hours.

This is the Antibiotic I’m currently in as well when I was battling my Staphylococcus Infection for 5 Months.*(One, of the three causes of my Disability, Dysautonomia).

The Antibiotic is used to Treat the Following:

  • Lyme Disease (Common)
  • Cholera (Extremely Rare)
  • Bubonic Plague (Extremely Rare)
  • Staph Infection (Very Common)
  • Anthrax (Extremely Rare)
  • And Suggested For Malaria Patients With A Combination Of A Drug, Quinine. (Common)

I took Doxycycline in February 2015.

Cured my Staphylococcus Infection. (30 Days).

*But, my Staph Infection was so severe and left untreated, I am forever prone.

Now, so return to this ruthless Drug with its extreme side-effects.

I’ve taken 2 Doses today, and I feel like Death.

Over a 24 Hour Course, I’ve taken my Disability Medication, Death Antibiotics, And Almost 6 MG Of My Other Medication.

The Last 4.5 MG was taken over 3 hours ago, and nothing.

Not even a whisper of sedation/relaxation, slumber.

When is it enough?

When do I get a break from being medically tortured?

No, this is not pity, this is my 37 year old body that has 15 (physical)Chronic Health Problems.

Gone through 24 Surgeries, Including a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy at the age of 23.

Chemotherapy from the age of 25-26 for Stage II Sarcoidosis.

Twenty years (age of 14-35) of GCF-S Injections *(That I am no longer provided since 2015, so my SCN is disintegrating.

And the Counltess drugs I have tried for my Disability, reoccurring Sinus Infections.

Then Disability.

I’m all tapped out.

And if it isn’t enough, where’s my Career/Income?

“The most poetic thing in the world is not being sick.” G.K. Chesterton

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