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Love Matchbox Vol. 2


I had a “date” three evenings ago.

It was with someone who I met on Sunday via the Social Site my Therapist recommended.

I already had one major strike-out, so I went into this with a different attitude and shift in my own perspective.

Our late night telephone conversations were connection, passionate, interesting.

We shared the same ideas on Politics, we like our Careers.

On Wednesday, he insisted he was coming over after I had finished Educating at 8:00p.m

I politely explained that I have had such a busy day (6 Classes), and Wednesdays are a Routine Night: Garbage/Recycle and Catbox.

This takes a lot out of me. *(My Disability and my Extensive Neck and Back Issues). **I did tell him about my Back, but thank GOODNESS I didn’t reveal my Disability.

He keeps on pushing me stating “We’ll see each other everyday anyway.

So, he gets here.

Right away.

R U D E.

1. You look tired. Your eye make-up is smeared.

2. Do you like my House?

It’s okay. You pay too much.

You don’t have black hair

*Takes out ponytail.

Oh, it’s getting brown on the top.

1.5 Hours Later,

Then things move into the darkest insane twilight zone.

He’s in my kitchen trying to make Basmati Rice in my Rice Cooker. It turned out soupy, then he just lays into me.

It was awful.

He was yelling at me about how the last few conversations I’ve been complaining about my life and Job *(I told him ONCE when he asked why I seemed “different’ on the telephone that particular evening).

He belittled me, attacking me.

Then it all became an interrogation of my life, pieces I shared with him.

He felt “he needed logic. Things just don’t make sense.

This lasted another hour or so.

I was trying to reason with him, understand him.

This behavior made absolutely no sense.

Not ONE sign of this ‘person’ was expressed/exposed during our hours of conversations.

After his apology, and stating he would be back tomorrow (since he left his food he paid for, a week’s worth)

He left around 2:15a.m.

We never spoke again.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

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