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‘Taxi To Heaven’


Late Morning.

I’m not particularly feeling well.

I Taught my first Class of the Day, and I have a break before my last Class of the Day.

One more week *(again) of steady work, then recoil to 4 Hours A Week.

My body and mind cannot handle the stress of no Income right now. I will vanish completely.

But, this is about yesterday and last evening.

Yesterday, Dysautonomia was in over-drive, but I had a Second Interview outside.

The Interview went extremely well

My Body, a disaster.

It just was a sad reminder of my limitations.

If that wasn’t enough, I decided to run errands not one but TWO stores.

Driving almost killed me.

And to complete it all, I went on a Video Adventure, and got great still shots and a decent video.

*John F. Kennedy was at this specific location before he became President. **Many former U.S Presidents have found their way here. Abe Lincoln, the most frequent (when he was an Attorney).

I made it home, and so much to do that by the time I completed it all, I couldn’t walk.

I rested my bones and my mind and then chose to finish a Film I had started two nights back.

Sid and Nancy.

Now, as the Film buff and snob I am, I know this Film has become Cult Status.

But, I just HATE Punk Music! And, Sid Vicious. He was a vile, ignorant ass with no talent.

I know the Story, and as I’m finishing I’ll Scream Later by Marlee Matlin, she talked about working with Alex Cox who Directed Sid and Nancy.

That got my attention because Alex Cox was one of the Writers on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. A FANTASTIC Film.

So, I viewed 38 minutes of it two evenings prior, and finished it last night.

Gary Oldman, incredible.

Chloe Webb, Perfect.

Cinematography, outstanding.

One of the most beautiful scenes in Cinematography is in Sid and Nancy.

It’s the scene when both of them are in the alley alone, garbage is dropping from the sky, and they are kissing, Nancy against the dumpster. The Score during that Scene is haunting. It’s titled “Taxi for Heaven” by Pray For Rain. *(Available on Spotify). **I was on the hunt for that track.

I rewound that particular Scene three times.


To really appreciate the Direction and Cinematography.

But, I was haunted.

That was my Best Friend and I.

My Best Friend who took his life almost 17 Months ago.

I never told anyone, but there’s more to our Story too.

I’ve been clean from all hard drugs since 2006 *(I had to go back on Chemotherapy again, so I just quit. No questions asked).

I never was a Junkie, but I was heading down a path I did not want for myself or my Health Issues. *My Drug was Cocaine. But, I tried Heroin twice. Both times were Nasal. The second time I got so sick, I couldn’t get out of bed for 4 days. It was a “bad batch.”

Now, my Best Friend, when we met February 2016, I had no idea he was a Heroin Addict.

I knew he messed around with Pills, but Heroin didn’t come up until his other Best Friend outed him in-front of me because she found a Needle in her truck.

He told me then, he Overdosed in March *(The original story was he had Pneumonia and was in the Hospital).

I saw him when he got out of the Hospital, and something didn’t seem right to me, but I didn’t ask.

He would go on to tell me the truth.

His Father found him unconscious in their garage. He had to have his stomach pumped.

They put him on a Drug that if he did Heroin, it would make him sick, cancel out the opiate effects.

I told him, “Why didn’t you just tell me the truth then?”

Him: “Right. I only knew you for a month. I didn’t know how you would react.”

From then on until his Death, I gave my all to keep away from the individuals who gave him the Heroin.

He was doing better.

Until my Job went off from Hiatus, and I was Educating 7 Days Week/up to almost 60 Hours A Week.

We only saw each other on our Sundays and a few times during the week.

He had changed.

It was difficult for me to connect to him.

I was so busy with my Career(miss those days) I couldn’t keep him safe.

And before I knew it, I was receiving a phone call with the News of his death.

So, that Scene, got to me. On many different levels.

My Best Friend and I were always together. I tried to keep him away from the Needle. We loved eachother.

Then, Death.

The Scene right after this magnificence is dark, tragic reality.

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