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Coffee Sundays


Too Sunny.

3° Celsius.

My Trash And Recycle Bins Are All Over The Neighborhood Due To A Rain/Wind Storm Last Evening.

I attended an Event last night *(I was over an hour late).

It was a Vegan Potluck.

And given my serious Financial Issues, I still made a Vegan Double Bean Chilli with almost all ingredients that were stored in my cupboard or makeshift pantry *(It was my late Grandfather’s porch cabinet, but I turned it into a Pantry when I moved here. Before, I used it as pet storage).

I did not enjoy myself at the Event.

I was uncomfortable due to having to drive, I was in pain from my Disability and what occurred earlier (Work related), and I just didn’t want to be there.

Instead, I wanted to be with my Cats, finish my Book, and watch a Film.

I Educate today. First Class was already a ‘No-Show.’

Laundry is going while I sip Decaf that’s at least 10 Months Old. *I don’t have any Coffee, nor much of anything else.

I’ve never ran out if Coffee in my entire life.

Even in College or Grad. School #1, I always had my go to Cappuccino *(It’s all I drank before I actually started drinking “real” coffee).

The change in the weather has made me under it, and my body hurts.

Why did I go last night?

Is it because I have not attended an Event since October 14, 2017?


But, mostly, I don’t have a steady income, which has left me in a deep sadness, I have current Health Problems happening *(I will be at the Hospital this up-coming Friday), and I’m alone.

I just heard my Tux puke 4 times.

All over my Home Office

*some must have been over-night.

Now, I have to enter a Classroom even more exhausted and irritated and I just want it to all end.

My head is pounding, dried tears of black mascara streak my face, stomach pains, shoulder, back, legs. Pain.

I have a break before my next two hours of Educating.

I’m too weak to go outside, Three sets of stairs to pick up garbage and heavy bins.

Instead, I’m washing the vomit filled cat bed, which then means I have to clean the Washing Machine, and I only have one packet left.

The Home Office Floor needs to be mopped *(so does the livingroom, kitchen, and bathroom). Vacuuming needs to be done as well as rest of laundry and dishes.

And I’m supposed to complete all of this Disabled without a steady income.

No on that is Disabled should be living like this.

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