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Shades Of Remedy

I’m high.



Let’s clarify: Intense Sedation, Low Blood Sugar, And A Possibility Of Enhanced Dreams. Many side effects from my (Prescribed) Medications.

I am prescribed the highest dose of this specific drug, and it’s for my Disability (it’s usually designated for individuals suffering from Seizures or Panic Disorders.

I have been taking this drug (sporadically) for almost three years.

It is used to control my Tachycardia due to my Disability, Dysautonomia.

I used to only take this drug at night, but since 2017, I would take a partial during the late morning so I could function.

Sedation plays a significant role. I do experience some of the “listed” side effects.

Today, I took 1MG at Noon.

Then 4 MG at 9:23p.m.

I’m drifting to what would be labeled as sleep, but It will be interrupted as the sequel continues to broadcast the effects of what medications are supposed to do rather than perform to a few lucky recipients of this controlled antidote.

It’s wings are staring to drag, weighing down as the Medication is leveling off.

I will try to prolong my space as I enter the experience.

Sleep that is.

An action done so delicately well by most.

Others, condemned to the eternal failure of the mind balanced in dreams and relief.

This is what Disability is.

Constant pain and silent sorrow.

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