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White Light

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The End

The End is near.

It’s finally over.

I’ve made my decision and it will be complete.

My body has surrendered. I can no longer take the pain of Disability and 15 Chronic Health Problems.

I’ve observed my mind. It agrees.

My mind has witnessed my body’s pain and can no longer contain it. It’s torture and cruel.

There is no more fighting against the pain.

There will never be change.

The question, what does it all mean?

There is no answer.

I have had let go of that concept a long time ago.

Suffering is all I’ve ever known.

And I have lived twenty years past my first death, and my body just continued to disintegrate.

Now, in Disability, and loss of all Financial Support, there is no acceptance nor hearts that care.

I have nothing left to give and I’m tired of everything being taken.

My time here is now complete.

No Goodbyes.

It just is.

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