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Monday Design

8:23 ante meridiem.

Like clock work.

No pun intended, just exhaustion and overwhelmed.

Financial Hell.

I didn’t think it couldn’t get any worse, but it has.

Still missing two Paychecks(that equal $164.00), and now for the first time in 2 years, I don’t have Cat Litter.

When my body woke my mind this Monday morning, My Cat Leo was sleeping next to me but further down ontop of the permanent clothes that lie in the middle of the bed (at the foot of the bed to be precise).

I thought to myself,

He and my other Cat are all I have left and they don’t have litter. *(The last box was used yesterday evening when I went on a Cleaning Spree).

It’s not fair to them or to me.

Every Morning since we moved here, Leo is sleeping in some form on the bed. *(There have been a hand full of times these past two months, when I open my eyes he isn’t there and I panic as if he’s flown away. Only to look over out the bedroom door, and he’s sleeping on the Couch/Heavy Duty Futon).

This is a new “thing” he does.

Before, he would find his way next to me and I would wake to a warm cat pressed so tight against me, but not every night.

Since the move,

It’s as if he’s lonely, unsure, scared.

He is still so traumatized by any noises in the rented house (familiar/unfamiliar).

He won’t venture into my Home Office (where my other Cat spends most of his time), and he’s practically with me 24/7 (even when I’m Educating).

So, to think that I cannot provide Litter is a feeling of defeat.

I’m tired of it.


And just as I start to write, a heavy knock on the front door. *(Both of my Cats are still so severely distressed when they hear that sound due to when the Plano Police Department knocked down my front door with a battering ram).

A Man in Business Attire *(Black car parked out front) hand Delivers a $50.00 Grocery Gift Card.


When I was an avid shopper at this particular Store, I was treated poorly *(going back to October).

So, the Customer Care/Education Manager stepped in and for the last week was trying to solve the problem.

Now, I can buy my Cats Litter.

They are all I have.

My two boys.

Halloween 2017.

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