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The Dream Circle Volume 2

It was all haunting me.

So, with my KGB Training, I came across a very recent photo of Him.

The one who “Got-Away.”

In the photo, I recognized him, those eyes. He looks the same after all these years.

His Wife, looks older, but is the same age as he is (both will be 37).

He is very successful *(just like He told me on our walks, why he was Minoring in Marketing and would never be a serious Writer).

I knew they had a child.

He looks just like his Wife, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes.

The one fact of unknown information was that she attended the same College we did during the same time frame.


That bothered me.

Did they know eachother then?

Is this why he acted the way he did with me for two years?

She is very much his type. *At least she was an Educator for a short time.

So, I take my memories and burn them.

It means nothing, especially if they were cultivating their future relationship then.

Why am I surprised?

Everyone I have ever known has either lied, hurt, or left.

I used to think that those special memories were important to hold onto.


It’s not like him and I will have coffee someday and chit-chat about the past or what we’ve become.

He got what he always wanted.

Good Luck to him and his life.

And, I know now, I never cross his path in dreams.

Dedicated to the two years we danced and ended no where.

Just shadows of what was.

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