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Acting Nullified

I’m totally obsessed with the Series ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.’ *(Yes, that is correct. I wrote “totally”).

Not only is it a ‘Period Piece’ (Set in 1958), but the Writing, Acting, Directing are phenomenal.

I love Michael Zegen. (He was fantastic in Boardwalk Empire as Bugsy Siegel). Michael Zegen has that look: dark, brooding, 1950’s quality of a man.

Alex Burstein (fellow Hungarian) is TERRIFIC as Susie Myerson. *She should have been Nominated for a Golden Globe as well.

But, as I re-started viewing the Series (There are only 8 Episodes),

I finished S1 E1, and it hit me like a brick wall.

So much reflection, memories, pain, nostalgia flooded into my head and heart.

My (first) Husband, (remember it was Annulled due to the fact we did not marry in Temple nor completing my Conversion Ceremony)

He was studying to be a Comedian.

Not as a hobby, but he truly wanted to be a famous Comedian.

He had a day job.

He was a Server at Chili’s Restaurant *(That’s how we met) and he took Classes at The Second City in Chicago.

Thy Second City.


And, as in Episode 1, I performed at The Second City *(we performed together).

I performed there twice.

Sometimes, my Soul opresses memories I shared with him *(I thought him to be my Soul-Mate).

But, last night, as the music played and ending credits rolled, I could see every inch of those moments as if I had just viewed it on my Roku.


Saturday Morning.

He comes to pick me up (around 6:00a.m) in his Buick Park Avenue *(a gift from his Grandparents).

And he drives like a maniac to Chicago (From my Parents house, it’s about 30 miles from the South Side).

His nerves are buzzing, he’s wearing his lucky sweater, he’s talking a mile a minute.

I’m thinking chill-out. It’s Improv.

As I would come to find out,

Um, No.

We get to the City (in record time) he parks the car and literally is dragging me to the infamous Theater.

*(I didn’t know how “Improv” Actors dressed), so I dressed sexy, Tight Black Pants and the Royal Blue sweater with silver metallic flakes he bought for me on my Birthday.

We walk in and and his Improv Teacher greeted him and then said “Who’s this? How did you get her?”

Oh Boy.

Did his Improv Teacher not comprehend that he had such a sensitive soul, and that statement would cause chaos for weeks to come?

His ‘classmates’ welcomed him (He was always the center of attention everywhere we went. One, because he was truly funny).

Then the interrogations began.

Who is the girl?

Then Class began.

I sat quietly anxious in the dark Theater as some Actors were completing warm-up exercises as I was gazing over the portraits of all the famous Actors who performed and Graduated from The Second City.

I was mesmorized.

I’ve always wanted to be a Broadway Actress, so I thought, this could be a start.


The Teacher pulled me up on Stage (without my man) and I was expected to give an Improv Performance *(will little rehearsal).

I bombed.

Improv is hard!

This is why he takes is so seriously.

It’s a craft.

*His Father detested everything he chose to do with his life. Partially, his older Brother is an Attorney. And he wanted him to have a Career that made money. Money was the Object of his Father’s eyes. Even though, he was a Gangster. Yes, his Father was a bonified Mobster. He even had a front Business. This is the other reason why everyone knew him anywhere we went (the places he chose that is).

I went with him one more time and then before I knew it, we were broken up.

As in S1 EP1 Michael Zegen’s character ‘Joel’ leaves.

No agreement, ambiguous intentions, and a proofread monologue.

That’s how he left me.

His Performance


*He’s married now with two children, a retired Combat Vet. (shocking), and runs a Suicide Prevention Clinic.

The Clinic is his dedication to himself and me.

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