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Weekend Oppress

I received an Invitation to see the

Peoria Symphony Orchestra this up-coming Saturday.

I’m contemplating this event.

*I wish she was going. But, she hasn’t responded to my personal message.


The last 1.5 Years, I used to Teach 3-5 Hours(minimum [on Saturdays]), then rest, then clean, then watch a Film and continue advancing my burdens.

I don’t have time to deal with people.

After my Best Friend killed himself, I’m not the same. I don’t look forward to “Hanging-Out,” getting all dressed up and keeping up with the bullshit.

I have no laughter left.

Plus, Peoria is far.

I’m not allowed to drive certain distances.

Thank You Dysautonomia.

It’s also Valentine’s Day themed.


I definitely want to remain secluded.

As Ginuwine is playing on the speakers, snow plows buzzing through, I see my never been worn red skirt with a thigh-high slit.

I was saving that skirt for a night of me flying Solo looking for College Boys. *Until I saw a few here,

No Thanks.

I haven’t been out on a ‘Saturday Night’ since October 14, 2017.

My obligations are my Career (which has been established as non-existent now[not on my end]), and my personal struggle alongside my Disability.

So, what, I Teach my 1 Class on Saturday Morning, rest, dye my Hair and get ready to be around people I have zero interest in?

My Social Heart is finished.

Oh yeah, and I don’t have an Income.

The End, Weekends.

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