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Aggrandize Sleep Photography

Eyes open.

Darkness. Cold.

My right ear, throbbing. My left sinus cavity inflamed to the point I cannot inhale without suffocating.


I experienced the usual “listed” side effects

  • Intensified Dreams/Nightmares.

I checked the Time.



I was hoping for hours in twilight.

I got up, purple blanket still in Roper washing machine, put in through another cycle (Phobia/Quirk: I do not like clothes sitting in a washing machine after the cycle is complete).

Remind myself to get the Keurig (it’s been broken since April 2017. It was a gift. It only brewed popularly for 4 months) and my beautiful black/silver tray with the K-Cups (16 In Total Split between two different Brands) ready for the week. *I purchased the K-Cups in Bulk before my Income Crisis.


I still have some left (even in Disability).

Return to bed.

Now, both Cats are sleeping. The Tux, snoring (he’s done it since I rescued him). Sounds like a mini wheezing chainsaw. His former Vet. said “It’s normal.”

I lie, in pain recollecting my enhanced dream.

It was continuous throughout my medical generated slumber.

I was trying to find the person who Kidnapped my Brother and Murdered my Mother’s close friend.

While on my journey, I was at a Restaurant (I have not been to a Restaurant to eat since July 28, 2016) and the New Kids On The Block were performing (I’ve dreamt before that I knew them in waking life and in my dreams they knew me) and as usual they recognized me and we hung out and discussed performing together again.

I then was on the move, I found the man who committed the crimes and he strapped bombs to me as I was trapped in an elevator (another re-occurring theme, Elevators).

I was able to free myself and caught the guy.

I then went to visit the friend of my Mother’s (who was murdered) and her husband was a famous actor (not in reality).

He barely acknowledged my presence and everything I had been through to catch the guy. His eldest daughter was a little bitch, so rude. But, his younger daughter was pleasant and thankful.

My father showed up to meet with the Actor to solidify my story and he seemed a bit more interested and shared old photographs of his deceased wife.

My father and I walked back together and I met up with the New Kids and they had heard what happened, so we created a quick routine and gave the audience what they wanted.

It was amazing (the dancing that is).

Open eyes, dream over.

I always dream about the unknown, meaning people I have not met, yet.

Then at some point in my life, I meet them.

These Premonitions have been transpiring since childhood.

I feel fatigue, worn down. Depressed. Natural side effects. Depression heightened is a classic.

I’m wondering if more dreams are waiting for me.

But, first, I must put the Purple Blanket in the clothes dryer and get the Coffee Machine And Accessories ready for the week.

I have no happiness left when I am completing my Routine, but it has to be done or I will burst from disorganization.

My eyes are closing.

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