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The Purple Blanket

I’m high.


Let’s clarify: Sedation. One of many side effects from my (Prescribed) Medications.

I am prescribed the highest dose of this specific drug, and it’s for my Disability (it’s usually designated for individuals suffering from Seizures or Panic Disorders.

I have been taking this drug (sporadically) for almost three years.

It is used to control my Tachycardia due to my Disability, Dysautonomia.

I used to only take this drug at night, but since 2017, I would take a partial during the late morning so I could function.

Sedation plays a significant role. I do experience some of the “listed” side effects:

  • Intensified Dreams/Nightmares
  • Paradoxical Behavioural Disinhibition/Rage
  • Irritability/Aggression
  • Cognitive Impairment/Short-Term Memory Loss
  • Impaired Motor Function/Impaired Coordination (not as frequent).

Since I am prescribed the highest dose, the directions are for me to actually take less.


I take more.

When I do take it at night, I take 4MG. (2 2MG Tablets).

Most would be in an oblivious state, to the point of blackout sleep.

My Tolerance has become abstract. I take the 4MG. Sometimes the effects fly within, other evenings, I’m wide awake only to become ill the next morning from lack of sleep (which the Medication is supposed to induce).

Today, for the first time. I took a complete 2MG Tablet around Noon.

It took almost two hours before I wired in “the funny feelings.”

So, my plan was to sit on my (late) Grandfather’s Couch/Heavy Duty Futon and watch “Thirtysomething” with my Purple Blanket.

I decided to wash it first.

This Blanket is epic.

*Many have worn the Purple Blanket (mostly in College).

It was purchased, December 2000 at Kohl’s for my future Dorm Room.

It was in my Dorm from Jan. 2001-Dec. 2003.

It was packed away in 2004 (since I had to have my Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and recover at my Parents house for eight weeks).

The Blanket returned to my Apartment during Grad. School #1 from January 2005 to December 2006.

Once again, it was packed away when I got Married and had to relocate to Texas.

But, it reappeared when I moved to China from August 2007-late April 2008 (should have been June 2008 but you can thank my Ex-Husband for that).

It remained in its silver Rubbermaid Storage Container until July 3, 2011.

This time, it decorated the couch/futon that was left for me for 6 years. I used that Blanket quite often as did my Dog and First Cat.

Now, it’s here. I’ve only used it once since I moved back on August 1, 2017.


It’s uncomfortable for me to sleep on the Couch/Futon now (Disability and the Progression of my Neck Problems).

Also, I was used to Teaching up to 45 Hours a Week. No Time to sit on the Couch and rest.

But, it’s there.

I use it now for back support and my Cat Leonardo will occasionally sleep ontop of it when I’m watching my Roku.

It’s a piece of me and my Furkids, one I had to give away, my Dog pictured with the infamous Purple Blanket.





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