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Generation ? Volume 2

On March 28, 2017, I wrote about the Television Show ‘Thirtysomething,’ and how I was re-watching the Series as comparing myself to the Character ‘Gary.’

I re-read that post, and everything is 100% accurate today.

I completed Season One, and jumped around on Season 2.

But, I will begin from S2 E1 again.

There is something reflective, almost melancholy about ‘Thirtysomething’ for me.

It brings me back to a place, a house filled with horrors (I refer to this House as The House of Horrors). I can hear the Theme Song from my bedroom as my Parents watching the Series live. *Even now, I don’t comprehend why Ken Olin is on the floor with no shirt on while the rest of the Cast in the opening credits are portrayed as professionals.

My Parents did not allow me to watch ‘Thirtysomething’ then (or much of anything). Yet, I thought, why are they watching it? We’re Working-Class. (I peeked a glimpse of a few Episodes).

That must have been depressing for my Parents. But, maybe it was an escape.

My Father: Grease Monkey. 1980’s Term for Mechanic. His actual job title: Heavy Machinery Technician. He never attended College, dropped out of Highschool at 16 (Received his Diploma when he was twenty-one with the assistance from my Mother), former Special Ops then Army, grew up destitute in the Smokey Mountains, wretched abuse, Native American with no Federal Tribal Recognition.

My Mother. College Educated, but was working the Night-Shift at our local Video Store, so she could stay at home during the day with my infant brother. Eastern-European, was one out of six children (two of her Siblings would pass on in January 2005[My Uncle, age 54] and then January 2011[my Aunt, age 50]), low-income household, and many many family tragedies.

There is not one Character on ‘Thirtysomething’ that mirrors my Parents.

Maybe my Parents thought it “could be” or maybe one of their own Children would be successful as in Educated With White Collar Dreams, Married, House, Cars, Birthday Parties.

They almost made it.

I am well Educated, former College Instructor, Published Writer, was Married, had two trucks, a (rented) Townhouse then two Duplexes, Dogs, Cats, Stuff.

Too bad I was born with heinous Genetics: Chronic Health Problems and now Disabled, Divorced, No More Dog(s), my 19 Year Old Truck, A House/Unit I Currently can’t afford, Only able to work from Home.

Both of my Parents, still working Full-Time.

My Father: Heavy Machinery Technician at the age of 60.

My Mother: Accounting Clerk at the age of 60.

Living in the same house they bought in 1991 that needs repairs/remodeling.

I’m 37. I’m supposed to start taking care of them.

And I can’t.

I got to be ‘Thirtysomething’ for 4 years before I became Disabled. And, I did take care of them then.

Like ‘Gary,’ I’m the only character that gets killed off before his/my prime.

A new version of ‘Thirtysomething’ needs to be Written.

This is not your life.


  1. Amanda wathen says:

    I feel so much pain when reading this. For our generation, for you, your parents, and mine. I can’t rake care of my mother. I had a house but got married and sold it to move to Texas with him. And now have a daughter who doesn’t know her extended family because we are military and his pay is a joke. I HAVE to work so we can afford two vehicles and daycare not to mention groceries and…stuff. Life isn’t peachy, its settling…someway…we are always settling. You inspire me still, because you have still achieved so much more than me.
    Thank you for the post. Amanda Wathen

    • Amanda,

      Thank You.

      You Have been working since you were in Highschool. I remember.
      You have achieved alot because you survived and kept going.
      Now, you’re a Mother.

      I watch those Videos and I think back to Highschool, the pain.
      Now, You have become a wonderful Woman and Mother.


    • For Me,

      I feel like I’m nothing.
      All this Education
      Was supposed to get my
      PhD, Tenure, Travel More

      But, no
      I became Permanently Disabled
      *Ontop of being sick my entire life.

      Now, Alone cannot afford Rent and it just gets worse.

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