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Runaway Train

Nothing is made for me.  These days I just wait for the darkness to set, not even a sunset, but total darkness.  


No Work.

My Life-Line cut.

Where do I go?  I have nothing.


Disability keeps me inside while the World keeps moving.

I want to go too.

Even before I became Disabled, I fought 14 Chronic Health Problems, hard.

Adjunct Instructor.                                                      Assistant Director Of An Entire College Department.                                                                    SME (Subject Matter Expert).                                        Certified Translator.                                                      World Traveler/Educator.
Even on my worst days, I could still drive get to my destination, my passion.


Alone in this Disability. No fashion of support.  Yet, I keep trying.  

But, I’m running out of my survival.  I think I’m better suited underground like I was supposed to be 20 years ago.

*The Doctors still cannot believe I survived that Suicide Attempt.


I am not afraid.

There’s a Bridge close to my house.
If I jump, I am leaving nothing behind 

I have no Health, Savings, Kindness, Love.

It was all raped from me along time ago, and what was left was stolen by people who are false, soulless, cowards.
And as the train speeds up 

I know I never gave up 

Neither did I deserve the pain I have endured.

I’m not afraid.