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Spectrum Down

It’s 6:19 a .m

I awoke to a massive right temple headache, which is still occurring.

I’m scared.

I can’t even place my head on my pillow.  The pain is that intense.

I have a Follow-Up today (in 3 and half hours) with my new Doctor (who specializes in Internal Medicine) for the results of my MRI and MRA I had this past Friday.

By the pain I’m in, the images I saw(on Friday), and the Neurologist he is working with, I am prepared for terrible news.

I am.

My insomnia has progressed to a state of emergency.

My Disability is crashing.

Last evening I was so stressed from anxiety(Work and missing a Meeting due to being so ill, my Neighbors, driving and again waiting beyond for my Grocery Pick-Up) 

I lost it (after having to clean up cat vomit).

I’m not like everyone else.

Cleaning takes every ounce of my energy due to my Disability/Dysautonomia.

So, after spending the Weekend Educating and Cleaning, I just couldn’t take it.

5:41 a.m

Next Day.

Surprisingly, MRI/MRA results: ‘Negative.’

So, this leaves with more unanswered questions and anxiety.

I will return to the Hospital this Friday.  

Headache still alive.  

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