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The Happiness Exchange 

4:39 a .m Sunday.

My Alarm is set to chime in exactly 5 Hours.

I have slept 3 hours and have been awake since 12:39a.m 

Time is something I obsessively accurate about and begging for the hourglass to slow down.

I tried Guided Meditation.  My mind is to chaotic right now, and I’m experiencing massive pain again.  

Took said Medication for pain and other for *sleep. (It’s not intended for sleep, but it helps me find a few hours of mental peace).

I tried watching my go-to comedy. 


Heat is still inconsistent, so I’m upset about it, which only triggers more insomnia.

I’m in too much pain to read, and my anxiety is causing my Disability to go up a gear (Tachycardia).

So, I tried thinking of things I enjoyed doing this past week (outside Educating days a week).

Mostly, nothing.

I went to the Supermarket once (I’m not supposed to Drive, so imagine that scenario).

I completed a Double Viewing of My So-Called Life (I own the Box Set).  *That brought back a flood of unconscious memories I was unprepared for the next morning after a night of 1990’s entertainment.

I interacted with my two Furkids (Cats).  Due to my Work Schedule, we only get to hang-out fairly late.  But, they don’t seem to mind.

I rescued my Tux over four years ago, and I rescued my California Spangled 3 years ago.  So, they are apart of me as I am apart of them (Even In the new house.  Going on Month THREE.  How Time flies).

*I rescued them both Predisability. 

But, return to what I enjoyed.

That’s all.


Tonight.  After I’m finished with Work (9p.m) It will be another page of my book that is unwritten.  

Happiness is no longer 

So, I have to create/event my own, on my own. 

And that’s exactly what I did.

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