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The End Of Halloween

Virgo horoscope for Sunday Oct 29

“The dark clouds above – those scary things that have been hanging over your head and following you around – are not dissipating. You may not have noticed though, Virgo, because you have been afraid to look up. You have just kept your head down looking at the ground. But that is all about to change. Be brave. Take a look around. If you do, you will see that things really are getting better. Conditions are improving, and soon, you will feel more carefree. It’s about time.”

I NEVER share my Horoscope.

It’s private, revealing, the truth inside.

Today’s Horoscope is accurate.  More accurate lately as if the Astrology System is following me down.

It’s 1:29 a .m 


3 Hours.

I have to Teach in 8 Hours for 8 hours.

My heat was not working this evening, so I had to call my Landlord (three hours away) and sent a Contractor out.

He was nice.  Even in my state of Depression and Exhaustion.

I was supposed to attend a Halloween Party (with 29 others) and like last weekend, I had to Cancel to due my Health(that was a get together on a Lake House. Something I have ALWAYS wanted to do).

So, here I am, in darkness.  Silence. As my body aches and my soul is drained.

I’m struggling Financially due to decreased Teaching Hours (even Teaching 7 Days A Week, I’m not making it) 

I’ve spent the last two weeks alone due to my Health/Disability 

And I’m running out of patience.

At least on Friday evening (late) I watched my first Creature Feature (That’s what the Marathons were titled in the 1980’s).  *No like me to miss 28 Days of Halloween Film.

I rented (via Xfinity) 

Fright Night, 1985. (Original).

I actually loved it.

It made me laugh and rewound quite a few Superb cinematography shots. 

I also Rented: 

The Wicker Man, 1973 (Original).  I started to preview it, but was finding myself in Halloween boredom.

I will finish and watch a few Classics on Monday Evening.

This October just has not been the same.

With two sets of new and quite serious Health Problems, Work, and the Anniversary of my Ended poisonous Relationship.  

It’s true.

The dark clouds above are following.  I need a break.  Spiritually, Financially, and Connections.

One Of My Favorite Holidays, almost in conclusion without my celebration.



I found this photo last year for Hallowen.

It’s me. What’s on the outside is life and nothing remains within.

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