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Girl On Fire 

On March 27, 2017 

I ask my Boss Kevin if I could have March 30, 2017 off.

It is very significant to me.

It’s the Second Anniversary of my Dysautonomia.

I then asked him if he could talk 

He called via mobile phone 

And I told him the following:
I need this day to myself.

Last year, I tried to commit suicide

He got really quiet.

He said

“What ever you need from me, I’ll do”


‘Just be my friend.’


“I can do that.”

I got the day off.

On March 31, 2017 he messaged me via Skype:

[3/31/2017 8:33:58 AM] Kevin H.: hey sarah, welcome back!

[3/31/2017 8:36:48 AM] Sarah R W: Hi Kevin. Thank You.

What are the circumstances now? He is no longer my Boss(wrongfully, for other reasons). I was told not to disclose my Health with Students (Three students were “Freaked out” in regards to my Health, so they asked for a Replacement Instructor.  Funny thing, I never gave away when I’m sick while interacting with a Student.  I always kept my pain to myself).

I could have never responded that day, and I would have been replaced without hesitation.  It’s common sense. As long as I continue to work seven days a week (for 348 days now) within my progressive Disability it doesn’t matter, it never did.

Still shot from Burning Down The House By Talking Heads. A Group My Former Boss And I Discussed, Not To Mention One Of My Favorite Bands. 

Ironic, I’m Nine Years Older Than My Former Boss, And I Was Alive And Intune With The Genius Of It All When This Track Was Released. 

The Concept Of David Byrne In This Shot Is Self-Reflection And Regret.  

That Phone Call.  Maybe he was terrified.  Maybe it was all just fashion, truth of the matter, no one really cares.

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