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Truth On Fire

​My Heart, completely black, empty

his pain has caused my fire to dim

I walk against the wind

in the shadows 

There is no end 

Alone, aware

I trust no one. 


Why should I feel this?

YOU abandoned me. (twice)

When you are brought forth, stranded, broken, To explain your choice, a second class one at that, You will be the living  proof of pain.

And when your swollen heart is cut, teased, manipulated, you will learn what it feels like to truly suffer.

I have enough evidence to crush your world and the lies you fill it with.  You are not a victim and everyone is aware of your false hope, love you give.

One day,  when you remember me, I will never be there to take that call, as I smile and say to myself you are the meaning of Hell.

*Your lies will catch up with you.  

And all the sorrow you have caused others will be the end of your narcissistic empire.

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