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Sowing Men Shut

Something Occurred this cold autumn’s twilight.  The truth splattered all over my bedroom walls like the woman I pretend to be.

Candlelight flickered as the nightmare became what is enhanced reality, the confessions of a thousand years. Waiting.

​I Know I’m Going To Shake Up The Lines

But, I’m Free To Chose

Tears Were In My Eyes For Too Long

Abandonment, Marriage, Death

What I Was Left With.

Now, It’s My Turn To Taste The Broken Rules, 

The Views Of Their Atrocities 

Just As They Feel The Majority Hearts Should be Crushed.

Thank You.  I have become a league of superior over their lies.  I no longer want to talk.  My heart is now a black hurricane.

And I will never stop.  My Pain runs too deep.

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