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The Narcissist Finale 

​After Everything, It’s Time.

I’m Here To Stand And Smash All The Lies And Give The Truth.

No More Tears 

Eyes Are Wide Awake 

This Writer In All Gears 

Telling All You Narcissists, Manipulators, 

How You Need A Divine Intervention.

Your Choice To Steal Love, Empathy, Hypnotize The Sick, 

Is Just To Hide Your Weak Souls, And Darkness Pouring From The Space Where You Hearts Belong Is Soon To End.

You Cannot Be A Friend, A Colleague, A Spouse Without Your Demons Drowning The Ones Who Love You The Most.

Your Existence Is Wretched.  But One Day, You Will Run Out Of Power, Control And Karma Will Identify Your Cause Of Destruction.  It Will Give You A Soul Made Of Only Memories Of Your Conscious Behavior, And Your Time Left Will Be Lived Alone, Only With Your Own Reflection Listening.

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