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War Then Peace

Last Night I Had To Quit Half Of My Hours At KSU.

I Spoke W/ My Boss Today (who covered my 2:10-4:00a.m Class), And She Said The Following:

‘Yes, I actually took over yesterday and they were asking where you were, and were hoping you would continue teaching them for the rest of the classes, so I’m really glad it’s going to work out. :)’

Bridging The Cultural Gap Is VERY Important To Me.

This Is One Of The Most Conservative Universities In The World, W/ A Conservative Religion/Culture.

And, They Asked About My Well-Being.

What It Takes In This Existence, Is To Be A Citizen Of The World.

My Late Great-Uncle(who gave his Life to stop The Holocaust) And Gloria Steinem Would Be Proud.


​My (late) Great-Uncle Gave His Life Against The Nazi Regime At The Age Of 19 

(After being wounded at Normandy).

He Was Aware of The Atrocities Against The Jewish People, Catholics, Gypsies, The Disabled, And Anyone  Who Was Against The Party.

His Own Country, Being Destroyed For Thousands Of Years, Felt As The Only Son (and his own Mother passing away when he was only Eleven Years Old).

He Knew This World Was Being Destroyed By Hate.

The Horror He Witnessed/Experienced, He Recorded It In Letters And Sent Them To His Girlfriend. 

He Crosses Through France With G Company/175th Infantry 29 Division.

Anne Frank Heard Over The Radio, That ‘G Company Were On Their Way To Liberate Amsterdam.’


I Kept It All In.

When I Arrived To Barcelona That Evening, After A Wonderful Meal At Our Hotel In Castelldefels, I Went Into The Bathroom And PHYSICALLY Collapsed.

My Friend Came Running In.

I Was Weeping Hysterically.

I Told Her

‘She Was Talking About MyGreat-Uncle Over The Radio.’

He Tried.

He Was Coming For Her.

That Moment, I Knew Besides My 3x Great-Uncle, Count Gyula Andrássy, It’s In My Blood To Make This World A Better Place Through Education.

I Will See You One Day ‘Brother.’

You Are My Hero.

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