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Shades Of Avidity

We can’t stay away from eachother.
We’re afflicted with shades of chronic dissatisfaction, despotism, prevarication.

We are the heartless
the same, the careless.

I’m fine with our collection of names everyone labels us.

After five months, we secretly shared painful experiences, hours, time.

I could never give that away.

You are my emotional luggage.
You took care of my animals when I was away.
You’re suffering is my equality.

You look good.

God, the night I return to The States, you were waiting for me with so much not to give, and I am fine with that.

You did try
You had a party for my short notice of return.

It reminded me of our times at
Lake Holiday, Casa Santiago
Now a Week back before I transpose.


I remember early June, before I left, it was
Open Mic Night at C.S.
I got up there as the ‘Bad Bitch From Krasno,’ and belted out
‘Too Late For Love’ by Def Leppard.

The crowd was stunned.
I had to remove my earpiece from loud feedback.
You knew I had been performing since I was five years old.
Standing applause as I was ready to give my all.
(Metal of course).

The next day I was on a Train to New York visiting the Hungarian Consulate retrieving my Medical Documents.
I posted the First Stanza of Lyrics on Facebook after I ‘Checked-In.’
*My own Mother ‘Liking’ that post
Not because she’s a grand Def Leppard fan, but she knew the pain I was experiencing.

‘Somewhere in the distance I hear the bells ring
Darkness settles on the town as the children start to sing
And the lady ‘cross the street she shuts out the night
There’s a cast of thousands waiting
As she turns out the light
But it’s too late, too late, too late
(Too late) too late for love.’

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