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Dream Weaver

In dreams, I could have never imagined you,
a stranger.

I saw a recent photo of you.
I didn’t recognize anything but the watch I bought for you, eight months ago.

It’s shocking that you still wear it since you have never sent me my stuff, things that belong to me (some were gifts from friends, and from my late Grandfather.
And War).

I become angry, filled with rage and whys.
(Also from the Package I sent to you when we were still together and you let it sit there for 90 Days, only to have it returned to me when I am no longer there).

Then, I see that Photo of you.
It was the first time I felt sad
For you.

You look well, awful.
Yes, you are smiling, but your exterior, different, almost sickly.
Skinny, pale, swollen eyes, run-down.

It hurts.
It hurts that you couldn’t be my friend.
That’s all I wanted.

No words can fix the damage you have done and caused me.
Or the horrible things I wrote to you.
You chose to run-away from our Friendship after asking me for Forgiveness and everything you put me through, running-away from us.
As I weep, I feel we destroyed one another.
Soulmates don’t crush eachother like that.
I would never want you unwell.

I can hear ‘Dream Weaver’ playing inside me.

‘Fly me high through the starry skies
Or maybe to an astral plane
Cross the highways of fantasy
Help me to forget today’s pain.’
G. Wright


The pain from my Health, the things currently occurring in my life, and the fading memories of you, Us.
I swear I was in love with you
But sometimes words don’t work the way we wished they would.

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