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Hearts / Wires

I listen to this song with conviction.

“Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter recently told Rolling Stone that he was initially taken aback by “Hearts/Wires” because it evoked images of murder, rape, insanity and the serial killer from The Silence of the Lambs. “That song made me think of Wild Bill the whole time – psycho killer and shit. I just didn’t feel it,” Carpenter said. “I had to embrace my inner psycho rapist and come up with the part and get into it.”  RollingStone Magazine 


This song became a part of my life on April 27, 2016.  It was posted as a lie, a Narcissist playing the victim game as everyone knew the truth.

Music is very powerful.  It can change a scene, a moment of pain, love, torture.  

April 27, 2016 proved that theory accurate.  I was furious, devastated.  I could not gather my emotions quickly enough to fight back, to give reality.  The song made me Weep.  It hurt to hear the lyrics, but most of all, the haunting instrumental breaks.  I could feel him in the music, his sickness, his perjury,  his abandonment.  

He posted it all Publicly, (a move unknown to me as I was opening the door to understanding Narcissistic Behavior).

The Victim.

And Hearts / Wires was his tool to manipulate. As Carpenter said, the images of this Track produce something deeper, something evil.

He is evil. 

As I look back with no emotions, just spots of memories, I am still moved by the instrumental affect and effect it provokes, how it reveals someone’s identity, in silence.

My heart is no longer yours.  I have moved on, away from your rape of false persona.

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