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What Are Your Dreams

After months of research, again I come across a family member who volunteered his soul for Peace.

My Father’s Maternal set of Grandparents, One side being Dutch Immigrants from a time before radio, I knew it would take effort to locate my ancestry.
*My Father is Irish, Dutch & Shawnee/Kentucky Cherokee.
After four months of exploring and consulting,
I discovered a set of War Records.

The American Civil War.

I scrolled down the list of names and battles with ambivalence.

One word: Volunteer.
Second Word: Union.

I clicked on my distant kin, and there it was, his American Civil War Record.
His name, the dates he served, the actions of his Volunteer services, and the bold lettering of, Union.

The Volunteer Records of his Service were quite thorough.
At a time of uncertainty, he left his farm in Kentucky and joined The Union Army during The American Civil War.

He Survived.
Returning to his home and living his remainder of days in his Blue Grass State.

I wept with my Soul.
Thinking of my Great-Uncle who gave his life to end the Holocaust at the age of 19 as a Volunteer Infantry Man for the Normandy Invasion.
My late Grandfather who Volunteered for an INTERPOL Position during WWII.
*He was in charge of sinking
He came home with Victory.

This man, my distant relative, who Volunteered for The Union Army, did so with the idea of peace and freedom.

How time parallels.
This Tuesday, I have an Interview at a private African-American University.
The idea of racism, prejudice, inequality doesn’t live inside the hearts and minds of my ancestors.

We are the believers.
Not just to do the right thing, but live it is my DNA.
My Family, We are the change.

That man, who Volunteered for The Union Army, was my
3x Great-Grandfather.


What I believe my 3x Great-Grandfather would have said about
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“He was a friend of mine. His heart was in every line. He sang of the joy and pain. He opened up our minds.”
The Commodores

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