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The Rhythm Will Get You

You told me my eyes bring you to your knees.
That’s from a photograph.
You’ve never met the real thing.
Boy, let me tell you, my soul will wake your intimacy and knock your heart out of beat.
We will dance. Fingers entangled as our hands press together.
Drums will fill the Trio Room with ancient sounds of our pasts.
Trumpets set ablaze the gin stained bar.
Everyone is watching.
It hurts to be us.
Too much passion for one life time.
Strangers will take our pictures for their personal advertising.
I will tell you, It’s not my first time.
This body love bizarre carries us to after midnight.
Your Spanish hands on my Hungarian hips.
Percussion pushing us close to become one.
It’s just Latin dancing we will tell them.

Later, you will ask me to take off my clothes.
I will say No.
You don’t bring me to ecstasy.
It’s just rhythm baby.
We will dance again next week.


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