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Life In Stills

I have had to make a
Formal Complaint to my former Employer’s HR Department.
The Statement:
Discrimination, Falsifying Documents,  and Breaking Privacy Act Laws.

It shouldn’t be like this.
Consistent fighting for justice, what is right.
My shadow is my health, which should accept compassion not torture.
I’m seen as a liability, a burden and not a human being with kindness, knowledge, and a design for success.


Instead, I have to beg for what should be an equal opportunity,
I don’t know how much more resilience I have.
The fight within is dimming.
I am becoming an abandoned home.
A structure that was once lived, occupied with love and optimism.
Now, after social neglect, boarded up to be silenced, demolished then forgotten.
This is how we, The Sick, have been made to live.

But, I will ask the eternal question:
When did the sick become the wasted?
Forgotten, washed away as if we were already dead.

“What three things can never be done?
Forget. Keep silent. Stand alone.
The hill of glass, the fatal brilliant plain.”
Muriel Rukeyser

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