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Turn Me Dead

I had an emergency session with my Therapist this early afternoon.
It was a 911 text from a girl who is in crisis.

It brings me to a memory.
A former friend’s father.
He blew his head off in their family minivan while parked at a forest preserve.
I did not go to the Funeral.

People keep tearing me down.
I continue to build myself back up after every soul demolition.
Currently, it’s individuals trying to keep me away from success at my place of employment.
It is serious.
Lawsuit worthy.
Like many others in my past,
digging their fingers so deep it stops my heart, turning me dead.

I lie here, with nothing, in the black.
My former Psychiatrist warned me.
The truth heavy with consequences.
I see it all now.
It is what it seems.
Images of my end linger.


She will be forgotten.

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