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Somewhere In Between

I see light turn into darkness.
It’s my misfortune.
I’m forever in the out door, leaving before I ever came.
My sorrow depends on my ability to remain healthy.
Impossible and defeat.

I am always sorry, never apologetic for my misfortunes.
I try.  I work when I can.
College level Instructor.
Professional Writing Specialist.
But, it’s still not enough.
I can not afford this life much longer.
Disability is no longer a reference but a refinery.
My ship is sinking, and no where for this body to go.
How should I feel?

I feel nothing most days, some hours, pain.
Pain inside my heart as it weeps for me to be reborn.
To have a second chance at health.
At life.

What a wishful celebration that would be, but the reality choir sings on as the tub of medicine pumps my vitality permanently.


I ask of you to wait.
Let me finish my Journey before you take my soul away.

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