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Red Down

Good Morning.

It’s been awhile.
I do not like when I let time steal my words.

My finicky mind is awake with another sunrise, yet my body is disconnected.
It’s like my aged Desktop in my Office, the Monitor is powered on, but the PC is broken down, wires and cables hanging on as the power supply has been fried.

God, did I really just use a IT Metaphor?


But, what else is there to compare?
Definitely Not.

As of August 2013,
my Occipital Neuropathy has worsened, which means future Brain Surgery.
I have to have multiple Mammograms done on my Left Breast(Two Lumps were found).
My Fibromyalgia has begun to disrupt my digestion.
My SCN, tired immune system as the minute I came into existence.
Depression. On.
Feelings. Off.

Depression is my spouse, my partner, my lover.
My Red Down.
A midnight lapse of happiness will never be, but with this wrecked body, only the darkest days for me.

And to your answer:
Yes. I am fine with that.
I would rather be alone, drowning in sickness
then surrounded by the eyes and noise of the heartless.


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