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Brain Damage

I was diagnosed with
Modern Brain Damage.

L Occipital Neuropathy Neuralgia.

Lou Reed puts me in and at ease.
He has Pre-Modern Brain Damage from Electric Shock Therapy he sustained as a young adult.
He gets it.
The nerve is dead. No feelings to give. No tears to receive.
The eyes, whitened by the sun, time washed away from memory clocks.

I lean my head back.
The pain burns, lighting raping my body.
Fists pounding my young face as if I was the prize.
Falling. Far.
My Father.
My first Love.
Automobile crashes.
Compromised Genetics.

My 130IQ(increasing still) stable.
The seven languages I Speak/Read/Write encase themselves.
My Research (partially being Funded by Professors at NEIU),
waits peaceful for my return.
*Disproving Noam Chomsky is quite the deal to TESL/Linguistics.

But, with Brain Damage, I am not free. I am stuck.
For my Diagnosis is for life, an existence to walk on in impairment.

The pulse is gone.
The suffering continues.
Destruction is inevitable.


*My deceased Maternal Uncle had an IQ of 145.
He died face down on his Chicago bedroom floor from
Congestive Heart Failure at 54.
He spoke four languages, was a Writer for TimeLife Magazine, a member of MENSA, and lived inside his Gay Closet.
But, nothing matters if health ravages your soul.

Nyugodjék békében
Nagybátyám Károly
Maga egy a millióhoz.