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Something Made Different

I’m like a bookend.
I bend, shake, even crack.
But, I always hold up my desires, dreams, and changes.

I made myself believe I was an Atheist because I accept Science as Truth(Evolution is NOT a Theory, but EVIDENCE).
I pushed my Spirituality under me, beneath my unknown.
I carried Atheism with me like a book.
I deemed Religion weak,
a farce.
I pulled Reincarnation from my mind through my Soul, trying to bury it as if I never conceived the idea.

Time. Past and passed.
Epiphany once more.
Again, I see change.

I am aware, I will always conclude
Science and Evolution my backbone, but my roots are in

So, I am joining a Buddhist Temple(I’ve actually never entered an American Temple. I have only practiced and studied inside a Temple when I lived/educated in Asia).

I am opening myself to new people, projects, ideas, and languages.

I chose not to attend
Summer School for my
Second M.A (which now puts me 1.5 years behind Graduation Schedule), and instead apply for
a Summer Creative Writing Institute.

I am planning two Trips
this year.

One, to India(I’ve been wanting to travel to India for twelve years now).
Two, to Cuba(This is a dream in the making of truth).

I’m pondering a second part-time job in the Fashion Industry(if my health gains).


I owe the awakening to two people:

My late Grandfather who spoke to me through a surprising (small) financial gift.
He would want me to travel.
To find my way, my reason.

And, to my cat Jackson Davis.
Before you, I disliked your species.
But, on March 25, I found myself in a place, wanting you.
We connected in that wooden waiting room, as if you knew I was coming for you.


There is something within me.
Maybe Death, maybe life, but an altered existence is in place.

Now, I begin this Journey with the comprehension and possibilities it may all be temporary.

Once again.

”Time it was And what a time it was, it was A time of innocence A time of confidences.” 
                       Simon & Garfunkel


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