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The Elephant In The Room

Yes, I have been away.
Deep troubles with serious Insomnia, spending a day at the
Illinois Capitol meeting State Legislators and Senators for Adult Education Awareness and to keep the State Funding for Adult Education and the Illinois Community College Board,
Health in crisis, mind within chapters of another depression session, and multiple Family conditions disconnecting.

I do have these words originally written on April 16, 2013.

82°, 35 after.
New gray cigar trousers stained with humidity.
Feet interrupted by blisters from JLo’s fat ass.
Dry lips. Balm erased.
Unshaven ankles.
Elephant on finger and watch on right wrist.
Hair dirty by most, natural to some.
Mandatory Level Gains, Tests in Series, daisi, and the ICCB.
What does it all mean?
For me?
Do Professors work this hard?
Not after Tenure.
I am repeating myself.
State Testing and Requirements continue without my brain.


Where is the Education?
Confirming State Drones to exit without self intelligence should be a Crime.


The lonely College Instructor.
*You might ask yourself, ‘Why a Grim Reaper?’
Most of my students have no more than a 9th Grade Education.
I have to open and re-stitch their Critical Thinking as Adult Education is deemed ineffective by many.

*daisi= Data and Information System Illinois
*ICCB= Illinois Community College Board

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