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Shadow Sleeper

7:54a.m in my marriage bed.
Blue workout pants covered in sweat, not from exercise but restlessness.
My chest, tight with panic.
My Biopsy results are available to me today.
Insomnia is wrecking my life once again.
And, I’m heavy with sadness.

Last week, my mind experienced 8 hours of dormancy.
I couldn’t see to focus.
It was awful.
I lost myself trying to normal.
An individual with no dreams creates a silence, a door within suspended beneath reality.


My kingdom of slumber.
Never alone.
Insomnia is a shadow, a reaper of sorts. Sucking consciousness until the dumbbells holding up my eyes fall no more.
Insomnia’s jealousy rages on, whispering to me, that I will never sleep.
I will become a ghost, a slave to its existence wishing I were dead.
Only then, I could dream alone.

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