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Internal Trains

April 5, 2008
D Train Heading South To
Hangzhou, China.
I lived and educated in
Haining, China from 2007-2008.


December 21, 2011.
Paris Austerlitz Rail Station
Arriving From Barcelona, Spain.
Paris, France
I spent a day in Paris while I was on Holiday in Barcelona, Spain.


I find myself always on Trains.
I remember my first Train Ride.
I was six years old, Chicago, with my (late) Uncle Károly (Charlie).
I had a window seat.
I was nervous. Women were starring at me then whispering to my Uncle.
The women observed my intensity as I was resting my mouth on the black rubber window cover.
Concerned for my health, these women informed my Uncle to ”Keep a closer watch” over and on me.
I just wanted to fly like the sky outside my journey.

*I would discover later in life I no longer enjoyed living by railways due to Holocaust Nightmares, War Machines, and Poetic Suicides.

One of my favorite Poets
Jozsef Attila
”Died on 3 December 1937, aged 32, at Balatonszárszó, where he was staying at the house of his sister and brother-in-law. Crawling through the railway tracks, he was crushed by a starting train.”


November 6, 2008.
Copperas Cove, Texas.
War Machines Heading To Iraq.

Today, I have been a passenger on trains all over this World, some short-exciting travels, some prolonged-disorderly journeys.
(I have experienced eleven hour train rides, One Way, which left me with comatose).

But, it’s not those expeditions that inspire my permanent wandering heart.
It’s the unknown passages I will consume that gives my internal road beauty, longevity even under all my medical hell.
I know something is out there for me.

Krasnoyarsk, Siberia(Soviet Union).
Waiting near an old Railway Station.


December 19, 2011.
La Ribera, Barcelona, Spain.
The Day Before I Traveled To Paris By Railway.


”A summer storm graces all of me Highway warm sing silent poetry
I could bring you the light
And take you home into the night.”
The Smashing Pumpkins

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