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The Basement Records Part I


Being apart of a dynasty of depression is not all glamorous.
My tales would shock your core.

”Serotonin is a neurotransmitter involved in multiple states including aggression, pain, sleep, appetite, anxiety, depression, migraine, and vomiting.”
(I am aware of my research practice. My years of studying Science and Psychology in College/University have not become incompetent).

My current gloom ranges from reflection to drowning.
I am sitting on my marriage bed, bunched in physical pain.
My body is a temple of disaster.
I have #14 and #15 Surgeries on April 5.
Biopsies of my Stomach, Intestines, and Colon are needed.

I have the following:
1. Severe Chronic Neutropenia(I’ve been taking Injections for 18 years now to stay alive).
2. Sarcoidosis(In Remission since 2006).
3. Celiac Disease(Severe).
4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome(Severe).
5. Fibromyalgia(Severe).
6. Stage II Urethral Stricture
7. Reoccurring Sciatica
(I had Stage IV Endometriosis, and I had a Total Hysterectomy when I was 23).

(My failing health is just a division of my melancholia).

Now, the medical hunt is for
1. Crohns Disease
2. Ulcerative Colitis
3. Cancer(s)

Reflection is manageable.
Drowning is the performance that struggles.
I continue to remain under construction.

*I tried to kill myself (again) in my parents basement when I was 19.
I spent lost time in a private Psychiatric Hospital afterwards.
My relationship with underground rooms have forever been manipulated.

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