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Ablution Divine

At 11:30 Sunday Morning, I re-injured my Sciatic Nerve, and my Spine.
I’ve been nailed to stillness ever since.

I was behind in my furkids responsibilities, and realizing my feline’s litter box was becoming a stone jungle.
I retrieved my wet/dry Shop Vac from my garage, and away the sanitation session began.

Within the hourglass space, I was wrapping the Shop Vac Cord around its base, and with senseless motions, I picked the roller tube up.


I collapsed as my Sciatic Nerve disintegrated into particles of pain.
Vomiting followed as I could not gather my bones from the bleached tile.
Had I entered a realm of paralysis?
Was my anatomy a bundle of ashes?
I came to once more, and I shifted the pain to my heart.

15 Hours Later, two doses of
Tiger Cream, a Sex & The City Marathon, three pints of Guinness, and massive physical suffering, I am outlined in extinction.

*The Shop Vac estimated in at 85 pounds.
My former Manual Labor job(s) were the birth of my Sciatic Nerve damage.

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